don't go hungry

Big excitement on the Upper White Side! We can hardly contain ourselves since the opening of our very own Trader Joe's! The other ones in NYC are way down on Union Squaresville and out in Foodielyn. Now we can hoist our backpacks and push our doublewide strollers down to 72nd Street to buy our Organic Delights. I loaded up with pre-Thanksgiving supplies, wishing I'd eaten before I went down there. "I bet Fairway's running scared," I said to the cashier kid. "They're just a farmer's market," he said dismissively. "We're the rock star."


Organic convert said...

I'm so glad Trader Joe's is just down the street now. Not that I will go but I know someone who will. Yum!

DaDa said...

Why, you could just get a Grey's Papaya special 2 and a drink on the way there to contain yourself.

JF Jude said...

To Have and Have Not

maybe ol' Trader Joe
would better serve a craving
if he rolled out his show
in a place with less paving

Auto Matt said...

West Side Story

I sit up on the roof
Pigeons coo cooned
See the likes of Trader Joe
Lament the old Zum Zum

Old(er) School