what should go in the truck?

Besides rosy sunset? As DR says, autumn has an elegiac (sp?) quality. And as Bo (or whatever name he's going by) points out, it's about inventories—evocative, and time-sensitive. The closing-up lists call for decisions, wondering whether to pack it away or leave it out for my spring self. Putting my affairs in order.
     The junk box in the bottom of the filing cabinet. Leave it out for Milla to play with? Single earrings given me by someone. The chop with my Chinese name , Tao Ling, from college. The tambourine jingles and shells on a leather thong I wore attached to my bellbottoms in Kauai, so I would make music wherever I go. Cloisonne jewelery crafted by my first New York City roommate. The combs I wore in my hair when I got married. The rainbow-striped socks I wore when I gave birth. And in more mundane mode, do I put the Block Island shampoo and hairbrush (!) away in case I'm not back to open up in the spring? Remind me to tell you about the hairbrush sometime.
   The sunsets are awesome this time of year, and you can't take them with you.

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Jimmy Kowalski said...

keep everything
take (no)thing

you’ve brushed your hair
quite becoming (if I dare),
and it’s been told
you made a good bride

socks to check oil.
single earring just for pillage
find a guy and a goil
they’ll tambourine a new village

you’ve taken it all in
now, ready about

fuel on
dune in
and drop (that clutch) out