mothers of reinvention

I seem to remember diapers hanging on the line in Block Island—oh, about 31 years ago. Here they are again. But these are rediscovered, ecologically sensitive diapers with way cool diaper covers (not like those plastic ones we had years ago) and apparently they are the absolute latest in Mommydom. They trade for higher prices used than new and everyone is climbing on the bandwagon. Exhibit A: Hannah's blog: "Why I put shit in my washing machine." Oh yes, oversharing and self branding have also been reinvented for the digital age. We used to call it being honest and open or sharing our feelings (or, less kindly, ego tripping). Monetizing same online is a new invention.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

those look awfully large for a small babies behind....I only used cloth...but had a diaper service... voila! no shit in the washer!