bite my—nose

Too exhausted from his transatlantic trip to unpack, Nosebite falls asleep on his luggage.
As some of you may know, cats are not my favorite creatures. When I caught pregnant Pepper scouting my house for a place to give birth, I threw her out. Unfortunately, CBA witnessed this procedure, which led to the following interaction with her lawyer (above).

Dear Madam: I have made an emergency transatlantic trip to defend Madame Pepper, who as you know is with children. Because Madame Pepper has confessed to eating your baby birds, we have decided not to bring suit against you at the present time. The young mother has agreed to stop the killing, provided you are willing to feed her something else.
Having been with child yourself, you know the importance of "eating for two.", as they say in your country. Consider that Madame Pepper is eating for as many as eight, so please provide a spread proprtionate to her needs.

 Or, if you prefer, in the original French.
Madame, j'ai fait un voyage transatlantique d'urgence pour défendre Mme Pepper, qui comme vous le savez est avec des enfants. Parce que Mme Pepper a avoué à manger vos oiseaux de bébé, nous avons décidé de ne pas porter plainte contre vous à l'heure actuelle. La jeune mère a accepté d'arrêter le massacre, à condition que vous êtes prêt à nourrir ses quelque chose d'autre.
Ayant été avec un enfant vous-même, vous savez l'importance de «manger pour deux»., Comme ils disent dans votre pays. Considérez que Mme Pepper mange pour autant que huit, donc s'il vous plaît fournir une propagation proprtionate à ses besoins.


cba said...

Chapeaux Bas, Nose Bite!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

boy am I lost! I don't even want to start asking the questions that will explain so I will adieu...