the still of the morning

For days (when someone wanted to take out the paddle board) the wind howled, but this morning the ducks floated on glass.
    Which reminds me, must order a new drip deflector for the glass shower door. And gaskets for the blenders and new director's chairs and cleaning products & etc. But that's for next year. Tasks remaining for this year: clean fireplace, unplug things, turn off gas, move in outdoor furniture and lawn mower, store paint in Johnny's cellar, put towels in front of leaky French door, clean grills, clean refrigerators, wash mattress pads, reserve on ferry. . . Everyone who stops by is at risk of helping me carry something.


D.R. said...

Ah....such a melancholy time of year. Wish I could have made a trip out. Heading to mainland Rhodey in a couple of days though to see the brother etc. Will wave to ya :)

Mickey Ruskin said...

What They Carried

Rheingold flip tops
Emerson transistor radio (bent antenna)
Grabowski’s Best Surfboard Wax
portable record player (“Yellow Submarine” still on spindle)
Super-Flite balsa-wood plane w/sliding wing
one (1) set double bongos
baby oil
inner tube from 966 Cat
guitar pick
earmarked copy “Valley of the Dolls”