Before: Substandard
It's always a bit of  a shock to come back to see what has gotten rearranged over the course of the season. I'm thinking I may need to check in a couple of times. . .
I came Bearing Couch in Box. Today, I attempted to switch out safas. I managed to load the 159 lb. box from one porch onto the truck and onto the other porch. It did involve sliding up a board and almost 

During: A nailbiter
busting a gut. Then I had to call in Kitty Movers for an 
assist. We managed to get the old couch about halfway out the door before wedging it between doorframe and railing. We had to stop and think. And clear the deck. Literally. We shouted at each other during assembly of the new couch (it is Ikea), but in the end all was successfully installed. And not a moment too soon. Photo shoot for the Block Island Times and dinner for four tomorrow.
After: Have a seat!


otra rubia said...

It looks nice!

cba said...

That's Happy Cat Movers, a division of Happy Cat Home Appliance Repair.

Our bonded workers DO NOT shout at customers. They just don't believe in reading instructions.

Tread lightly, Madame! Happy Cat is a multi-national company, owned by Les Felines por La Justice. And the lawyer in charge of the U.S. Market is none other than Nose Bite Kitty, who has your number.

Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Très bien, Madame, nous nous reverrons. Veuillez prendre note que vous pouvez être poursuivi pour l'affichage de publicités fausses et trompeuses sur votre blog, Surf City de Claudia.
Le nom de notre entreprise est Happy Cat, pas, Déménagements Kitty et nos employeurs ne pas discuter avec les clients. Comme ils ne parlent pas l'anglais et que vous ne parlent pas chat, discours vrai est impossible. Mais, nos félins sensibles lire et répondre à vos pensées, et réaliser vos souhaits d'une manière plus professionnelle.
En outre, ils signalent vos commentaires acerbes et une manipulation brutale d'entre nous qui est enceinte est inacceptable. Par honte, madame! Mamans, poilu ou autrement, décrié votre comportement. À tout le moins, ous devez présenter des excuses à la tabby maternelle en fournissant son saumon.
Nez Bite Kitty, Esquire

Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Et ensuite, la translation:

Very well, Madame, we meet again. Please be advised you may be sued for posting false and misleading advertising on your blog, Claudia's Surf City.
The name of our company is Happy Cat, not Kitty Movers, and our employers do not argue with customers. Since they do not speak english and you do not speak cat, true discourse is impossible. But, our sensitive felines read and respond to your thoughts, and carry out your wishes in a most professional manner.
Furthermore, they report your unkind comments and rough handling one of us who is with child was unacceptable. For shame, Madame! Mothers everywhere, furred or otherwise, decrie your behavior. At the very least, you must apologize to the mother tabby by providing her salmon.
Nose Bite Kitty, Esquire

otra rubia said...

¡Ay, caramba!

Translation Sacre bleu!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

nice sofa...is that a slip cover? very handy for the messy cats!

Anonymous said...

So near and yet sofa