gone baby gone

It's over. The planes are offloading people to the mainland, the ferries are on their last day of holiday schedule, the last Guests are packing up to leave Claudia's Surf City, and Block Island will be left to itself until Memorial Day. The weather today, of course, is perfect, now that everyone has to leave.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

so the one house is in the shadow of the other house...is there any inner meaning to this?

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

Au contraire, Madame: Les bébés sont ici, et ils se développent rapidement. Vos efforts n'ont pas réussi à stopper l'augmentation de la population féline. Bientôt Mme Pepper sera enseigné ses quatre enfants à la chasse.
Puisque vous citez M. Lehane, permettez-moi de dire, pour autant que la population d'oiseaux est concerné, attendre Le Jour et Qui Ont un verre avant de vous savez quoi. Nez Kitty de morsure. Esq. Procureur pour Madame Pepper Littlefield Gasner.

Nose Bite Kitty, Esq, said...

Et Ensuite La Translation:

On the contrary, Madame. The babies are here, and they grow rapidly. Your efforts to stop the growth of the feline population have failed.
Soon Madame Pepper will be teaching her children to hunt.
Since you are quoting Mr. LeHane, let me say that as far as the bird population is concerned, wait for The Given Day and have a Drink Before you-know-whatting.
Nose Bite Kitty, Lawyer for Madame Pepper Littlefield Gasner