old friends

at Claudia's

at Hannah's

Shoulder season is visiting season, so in addition to our island family, the citifolk have been coming over. My friend Jed, author and former editor of the Times-Picayune, came out for a flash after a speaking engagement in Boston. We go way back to the startup of People in 1974 and Max's Kansas City and CBGB and even before, through mutual friends, during Harvard and Vassar days. He now resides in New Orleans and Patzcuaro, Mexico.
    And Hannah's grade school friend friend Zoe (holding baby), now a restauranteur and ever a New Yorker with a boat mechanic girlfriend (left) and a poodle named Cosmo.


Anonymous said...

Mickey Ruskin (interviewing for head bouncer before opening Max’s Kansas City): Tell me about the fistfights you’ve been in.

Bouncer Candidate: I’ve never been in a fistfight. I hate fistfights.

Mickey Ruskin: You’re hired.

Claudia said...

Was this person you, Bo?

Unknown said...

Excuse me. Doesn't that title block say "Anonymous?" And isn't Bo merely the guy who puts together those small, yet exquisite, rhymes? And it's not like the guy is a Patti Smith fan or anything, what would some crum-bum like that be doing @ Max's?

I see him as being throwed out vs. actually DOING the throwing.

Claudia said...

Dawn breaks.