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A passing interest. . .

. . .just the sofa and the fire hydrant and the sea
It is a comfy way to admire the ocean, which today is tumbling and foaming in a stiff NE breeze that makes the house rattle and roll. After putting this impressive item of furniture next to the road, we began to wait for the hoards to show up quarreling amongst themselves as to who would be the fortunate soul to make this domestic icon their own. So far, interested parties are mainly those whose companion animals have ripped their previous sofas to shreds.
    As of this ayem, the couch was still hitchhiking by the side of the road, awaiting a ride home. By 1:30 today, it must be gone or at the dump, for tomorrow it shall rain.

   Oh and, at 7:30 Thursday evening (oops) there is a live stream of a panel discussion by Women of Vision, a National Geographic exhibition including our own Lynn Johnson and Maggie Steber.

BREAKING NEWS. . . Couch taken. Let's hope it makes it through the door at its new home or it will be back!

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