into the wind

Two chairs faced out to sea. The wind picked up. It seemed like fall was here at last. Soon the chairs will have to come inside. Well, one of them will. The other is scheduled for the dump. Like the roof. . .


cba said...

I'll take the chair.

Plaine said...

Change of Reason

these are outside chairs,
young lady
they’re used to what fares, moonlit prayers
and rocking, maybe

don’t take them in
all rugs and socks,
and gin
that brown box

out here it’s wind and wing
shrieked, creaked, bit
wile, wit, then sit
in spring

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

that was a good one...what's a matta with de roof?

Claudia said...

The sun shone on the roof, the wind blew and Sandy too, the nails they rotted bit by bit, et up by salt and age and shit, and now the shingles fly away, tacked back on another day but not a one is there to stay