partial reveal

Well, here  we are again. Back in the 16 x 22 foot first floor of the Goose. With a new water cooler, a new sink, a new table and an old chair that survived the flood. CBA please note that your beautiful fan was above high water, upstairs, and also survived! As well as drinking water, we now have hot and cold running water in kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Within days: tub and shower. Which is fortunate for my friends, as I move in Saturday.
   The new (black?) refrigerator will go in the niche left of the stairs where the old one was. The new white stove to the right of the sink. Taking advice on what color to paint the newly revealed stairs. And maybe the space underneath.


otra rubia said...

Faahhbbbulous. I vote yellow or glossy black for the stairs.

otra rubia said...

And white for the wall under the stairs.

DaDa said...

Magical. Stairs: light brown; behind stairs: pale blue.

Debby said...

Looks great.

I'd paint the wall under the stairs with what you used on the floor.

The open stairs are visually attractive, but I'd worry about falling over the edge. Maybe adding some sort of open banister would be a good thing?

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

how about everything white? let everything else be seen...?