See that line about a foot from the ceiling? That's where the floodwater got to.
Flushed with enthusiasm about the well water yesterday, I bought a stepstool, paint brushes, three bitter melons, a pair of flipflops for Caylee, a parsley plant and a toilet (called a "stool" here), to add to the thousands of dollars of other shit I had already bought.
 Then I got out to the Goose and found no one there. It was too late in the day to begin painting out those watermarks. I am hopeful that if no one else gets anything done today, at least I will. I'm sick of shopping.
Postscript: The cows got out, and by the time Carpenter/Plumber/Electrician Dave had rounded them up in the woods it was too hot to do anything but sit in front of the ac.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

well the water mark will definitely wait for you....

D.R. said...

OMG - I was looking for watermark one foot from floor, not ceiling. OMG again.