one week in

 As far as the view from the street goes, much progress has been made. Thanks to carpenter Dave and a window sash from Bill Dugan, the Goose is enclosed. All it lacks to be sewed up tight is the door hardware and some trim going on now. And there's power! Lights! Action!
    Nonetheless, I sat inside yesterday there feeling depressed. Without knowing what's up with the water and septic tank, it's hard to proceed. I can't even clean. Today due to make a plumbing run with Randy Marlow and then maybe we'll see.


otra rubia said...

It definitely looks cute on the outside. Did your stuff on the second floor survive? How about on the terrace?

Claudia said...

Your chairs and my table and the grill live on! The second floor looks like a wreck right now but really isn't. I bought a shopvac