got the power

They came, they put in a new pole, they connected. They asked me whether I wanted an outlet on the pole, and I dithered and then said yes, thinking that maybe my Airstream pals, Texas Kate and Dennis, might want to hook up someday. So I hauled off to the closest hardware store and bought $80 worth of parts, which power dudes installed for me. Then, later in the day, I heard from Kate, saying they might come through for a couple days end of this month. So there you go!
   Plus, after ordering a new keyboard, my computer keyboard started working again. Apparently either baking in the truck or sitting in air conditioning suited it. So got the power to type again. My fingers seem to think better than my mouth. Hmm.


Debby said...

Good news all round.

I'm glad you have power. I hadn't realized you needed a new pole. Putting in an outlet on the pole is a huge plus for your guests, but may not be ideal if strangers start to use your power when you're not there.

Your keyboard's problem may have been just condensation, especially if it's been raining a lot in Missouri. Glad it's working now.

D.R. said...

Great news! Coming back to life.