hit it!

 On Friday, two teams showed up to vie for work. Randy Marlow (on chair) had already jumped into action, clearing out the muddied but salvageable items (bathtub, water pump)  and storing them in his barn up on the hill while he oversaw power washing. He brought along his sidekick, Dave, who brought along his sidekick, Kaley. Randy's shell of a rent house next door has power. "You can steal electricity from the next door neighbor," he said. "I won't tell him." Then came Drew (who finished the job of hooking up the well that Randy had started a couple years ago) with his sidekick Shannon Clay, apparently named for a couple of nearby counties.
   Oh, and Randy is one of quite a few Randys I know of in T'ville (Bear is another). The next most popular man's name locally appears to be Stacey. I know a couple Rodneys. I also know a Kim and a Kym. And a Kaley.


Debby said...

Looks like progress. Does this mean you've decided to re-build?

Claudia said...

I have only decided to enclose. We'll see when/if I get power and if the well is ok.

D.R. said...

I like that the workers are showing up. As opposed to BI. It does seem like progress is being made.