Frank and Dianne's yellow table was a win. When I picked it up (thank goodness I have a truck!) they had it nicely set for two en plein air. The yellow fridge was a reject, however, as is the corner booth below. Just can't cope with the upholstery, however sixties.
  I am taking today off from lumber yards and driving. I have been driving more than 100 miles a day. Today I will only drive 50—to West Plains and back to do some laundry. Also I will never ever eat at MacDonald's again. So sick last night.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

too bad about the bench...woulda been nice to get that piece...but the table has chairs!

Frank Martin said...

It needs to be pointed out that the banquette you turned down was not a proud possession of the Martins. I don't know where you found it but it is beyond even my eclectic tastes. Of course, it was my maternal grandmother who uncharitably quipped that most people's taste is restricted to their mouth: someone will buy the banquette and be proud of it.