the junk

My stuff—bathtub, sink, cabinets, hot water heater—fetched up in Randy's Garden of Earthly Delights. That's it under the tarp. Alas, the crucified, green Chatty Cathy sculpture is there too, the one I'd hidden from the neighbors in the deep recesses of my closet. One of the Christian Aid Ministries people told Randy, "I don't know what that there is, but I ain't touching it!" Retreived an Eames chair, a stepladder (I had just bought another) and a couple more things. But still plenty left. I wasn't willing to crawl through the chiggers and under the tarp any longer to find out what.


C say no to creepy dolls BA said...

You are kidding me. Is the Chatty Cathy that awful Mexican death doll that was hanging in New York and then Tville. I rejoiced in what I thought was its demise in the flood.

Let the chiggers have it. XXX

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

that was actually a "Patty Play Doll" I am pretty sure because my sister had one and every time I went in her room I would jump thinking it was indeed a REAL child...the point was the SIZE which was true to form...and I DEFINITELY would not have touched yours either! Yikes talk about a BIG VOODOO DOLL that was IT!!! (alias piece of art)

Claudia said...

Well, som very Catholic Mexican-American artist from Santa Fe did it. Agreed, it was feral and pretty apostate, but I liked it and would have hung it had I not thought my neighbors would believe I was the AntiChrist.