my ozark retreat

 Happy 4th! Om! For those of you who find my presence on a yoga retreat risible, well—  It is true that doing anything in unison is not my bag, whether it be marching, meditating, chanting. But I am not really a participant here, more like a ghost, sneaking in and out of my cabin without drawing much attention—other than from the chiggers, who appear to be delighted by my presence.
   It's a perfect little cabin for my needs—kitchen, jacuzzi tub, table, bedside reading (Baba's Grace), breeze, birds outside the windows. I have not explored the large compound, though perhaps I will once the rest of the New York sector has departed. The license plates hightailing it out of the parking lot come from Illinois, Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, and, yes, New York. Om.

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D.R. said...

Well, you do sort of have some Buddhist roots! Hey, looks like a nice place. Glad you found a sweet spot.