At Fanell's Cafe, second oldest food-and-drink location in NYC. On Prince St.

J and Peter off to another event. 
 Happy International Women's Day! Jamie and I couldn't decide whether to strike or not (or what we had to strike from—though she did say Peter wasn't getting any). There weren't many domestic chores on the plane back to California. I noticed, however, that she (ie not Peter) made the bed in my guest room today, saving me some domestic work (Wait! does it count if you do work for another woman? This is all so complicated!). Anyway, they left this ayem, and I leave tomorrow ayem. After doing some more women's work around the apartment. For myself. Does that count as i strike?
Jamie was able to haul me down to Bowery to see the new ICP museum


D.R. said...

Wow - you were almost at the SI Ferry!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

what does ICP stand for...or should I just read it as I see Pee?