Neither of the new intact sinks go all that well with the white soup bowl tub.

 When we were in San Miguel last September, my cousin Dick took a trip to Dolores Hidalgo, home of pottery craftspeople, and I asked him to buy me a couple of sinks. He very kindly did, and I had them wrapped up and FedExed to Block Island. I have two cracked sinks (note to fans: they are fragile). One showed up within the week, but two were MIA for months. Sadly, the one I liked best was cracked in transit.
  The sink in the bottom pic with the bamboo has to be replaced in the bathroom with the new soup bowl tub. And the counter painted. Which sink and what color counter? Katie? The other sink will go in the master bedroom at Claudia's, which currently has a calla lily pattern. And where should I put the cracked fish sink? Outside someplace?
Please advise.
What to do with this beauty? Glue and mount in Hannah's outdoor shower? Ideas?

This counter has to be painted to go with the new sink and tub.White?


D.R. said...

Could have used that green fishy one for St. Patty's day. If it were filled with Irish Soda Bread, no one would have notice the crack, I'm sure. Maybe next year.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

well this is a real challenge...but, all will be resolved in due time...when do we begin?