pre-gaming st pat's

The New England boiled dinnah (corned beef and cabbage) at the Yellow Kittens opens the season on Block Island these days. Daytrippers arrived on the island just to partake, and I was fortunate enough to be treated to last week's event. I may purchase a corned beef anyway to cook later.
   On the real St. Patrick's day, ie today, I ordinarily hide out.

 Dorothy Reilly's Irish  Soda Bread recipe can be found at this past post.
And here, once again, is my favorite St. Paddy's Day tale, which mostly no one but me finds hilarious and which is the reason I try not to go out of doors on The Day Of.


D.R. said...

I made three small loaves for the other Reilly lasses, and one for me.

And I think that post is funny too. :)

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I wonder what a vegan corned beef looks like? Will is determined to get us HEALTHY