to see and be seen

Afternoon delight, Amsterdam Ave., NYC
 New York is a place where you can hide away, and a place where you can flaunt it. The couple above was blissfully unaware that I was taking their picture, and I assume they did not want anyone to know they were meeting. Otherwise why choose a dark, empty sushi takeout joint in late afternoon?
   On the other hand, while I was having my toe cut open in Chinatown yesterday (not exhibitionist enough to offer up that image), the podiatrist exclaimed, "A half naked man!" He went on to report that the buildings across the street were "hotels" and often had naked people walking around or leaning out the open windows. "Europeans," he said. "I guess they don't care." He said the cardiologist two floors up had to be careful his elderly patients didn't have heart attacks.
   Oh, and speaking of voyeurism, here's a piece about its dangers.
Afternoon fright, Canal Street, NYC

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