ice house: beyond the couch

Everest season is upon us again—my expedition leader pal leaves for Kathmandhu tomorrow. Someone who, perhaps in solidarity, has been binge watching documentaries about Everest (some starring said expedition leader) was inspired to produce the following account of her adventure. I am sure that you will find it as thrilling as I did, even if I suspect that she is making fun of me as well as herself. Hers is the longest post I have ever put up. But then, it was a helluva journey. . .
Inspired by the many movies and series on Mt. Everest, I and My Team decided to try to get off the couch today:

We tuned in for guidelines.

The Youngest member of the team was the first to get ready for the descent.

The Oldest member practiced on a similar peak: The Footstool.

The Strongest leapt for it.

While The Leader monitored their progress from base camp.

There were obstacles. The danger: Was there cat throwup in the hall?

And was it night?

Or day?  Once the approximate time was certain, The Team pressed on.

One of the first setbacks: The Cat Pan.  And always one question: P- U! Do we need oxygen to pass it?

Without oxygen, some of the climbers begin to pass out.

The Team Leader radios Base Camp for help.

Radio communication is down, so one of them makes the ascent to Base Camp for help.

The Descent begins again, but this time the the dangers are even greater:   The Bills!

The Unsorted Mess

The List of Things to Do  

Exhausted again, the weary climbers return to Base for a nap.

And they will need to replace the many calories they have burned during the descent.

It's decided:  Without sherpaws, the descent may be too dangerous to try again. Some members turn back.

Hope of a successful descent seems hopeless. All they can do is try again tomorrow.

Back at Base, it's time to reflect on The Journey. 


otra rubia said...

What a thrilling tale! Author, author!

Anonymous said...

Clearly a catastrophic event.

Dianne said...

Oh, my----ONLY B could concoct & document that tale!!!