biz roundup

Hannah has been sending out samples to a number of big chains who are interested in her products both for Calm-A-Mama and Wear Your Music. Looking good for 2017 and 2018!
And speaking of time frames, The Atlantic has put up a site where you can find some  major events since your birth. Personally, I thought they left some biggies out of mine, but see what you think here.
I forget what Ed says about real estate as a topic of conversation (the only topic except the weather after a certain age?), but anyway. Here are the 25 most expensive zip codes in this great nation of ours. Mine, 10024 in the Upper White Side, is somewhere around the middle with a median price of $5.6 million, for those of you who feel sorry for me in my teeny apartment. (Of course it's a rental, so I can't sell it—but I can't move either!) Donna's, 10011 in TriBeCa, is also right up there, and she could sell hers. In fact, the neighbor's same-sized loft a floor below is for sale (broker none other than our own Jimmy Harrison) for $3.2 million. Check it out.

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