postscript from block island

That's Pam's lighthouse. She saved it—raised the money and agitated to move it back from the bluffs, no easy matter. So when she heard that a wind farm was to be built smack in the middle of the view from the historic structure, she was horrified. The company was so eager to build that they gifted the Historical Society with a seven-figure sum in compensation. Ironically, Pam finds herself spending the winter in sight of the five windmills, three miles off the coast. She has come to appreciate their severe beauty, as well as the fact that they represent the future, as valuable as the past. She has stopped tilting at windmills. "I have made my peace with them."


D.R. said...

Progress, I suppose. And that's a sweet perch she's got.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

C'est la vie...say the old folks...goes to show you never can tell...7 figures for a bad view? how much do you get for a good one?