block island love boat

The family season is winding down—at least for families with school-age kids—and the season of lovers is upon us. Couples can be caught canoodling all over Block Island—and on the way to it. I say go for it and get a room. Better yet a house. I know a couple hideaways, and off-season rates are $1000 less. See pix and rental info at right.


Phill said...

Canoodling! Yes!!

Claudia said...

You approve of the act or the word?

Phill said...

Smooching is good! ;-)

cba said...


Tell those fools all this love nonsense leads to marriage, which usually ends badly, and babies who grow up to go off to college and break your heart.

I'm so over romance.

Bo said...

rack 'em
and break
a full-broke heart
beats one that aches

cba said...

Isn't that the first stanza in the song that has the refrain:

Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be lovers?

Kathleen said...

I'm all for canoodling. Broken hearts can mend if you want them to. Babies can often grow up and become the best thing that ever happened to you.

Bo said...

good or bad
whuteva's scribble-able
the ink from this lad
is his--original

Write Hard Live Free

cba said...

O.K. Folks. I was just trying to be amusing.

Even so, I hate overt public slobbering.

And what's the divorce rate these days?

Things always start out with kissing in public. And then.... Judge Judy.

kathleen said...

I guess the secret is get involved with someone between your 50's and 60's. By the time you're tired of each other you wont remember who they are. Also at that age canoodling can't really lead to babies.