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My mother calls herself "The Grandma Moses of Poetry."
She will be 84 next month, about the time she becomes a great grandma.
She read her book for the gentry of San Miguel about generation
Borrowing a wheelchair for the occasion.
Roots and Seeds, it's called. Tales from a Farmer's Daughter.
You can buy it from Pudding House Press,
more or less.

Photograph by Donna Ferrato, 2006


cba said...

Now, now.

You musn't compete.

We know you're a brilliant and accomplished journalist.

Leave the Robert Frost stuff to Ma.

CJH said...

I can detect a family resemblance especially Erin, but you as well.
I am interested in the sewing machine to her left. Who sews?
You swam in a fertile gene pool and now the latest stem in progress is doing the same.

Claudia said...

My mother, Hannah and I all sew. I believe that is my lame machine. . .

Claudia said...

P.S. That's Chris's grandmother to the rear. There is a pic of the two kids and the two grandmothers in profile in which the family pairs look eerily alike.

CJH said...

I had NO idea you sew....I would not have thought so...simply because of your travel heavy journalist career...WOW! Did you learn as a youngster?
I sew but not so much nowadays . My fav machine is an old Singer, electric. I think the most beautiful and strong stitches are made by the old treadle models.

Bo Reilly said...

words sustain
one great plain
take time, enrich

Claudia said...

CJH: I did learn to sew from my mom as a child. Then as a hippy, I made a lot of my own clothing (if you can call it that), some of which still exists in Claudia's Clothes Museum. I also knitted, crocheted, gardened. This persisted until I had Hannah, at which point it tapered off to the point that now she does my mending!

CJH said...

I learned to sew as a child from my Mother as well. Never got the hang of knitting and crocheting but gardening was a required task so I did not appreciate gardening till an adult.

I think a tour of Claudia's Clothes Museum would be in order for a future blog subject.

Dianne said...

Yes, definitely lets see pics of the Clothes Museum!!!

Dianne said...

P.S. Please also post the pic of the 2 kids & 2 grandmothers!!!

neruda said...

maybe pics of the grandmothers wearing the clothes you made?