my name is earl

It's hard to believe in the stillness and blue of this morning that it's a comin' for us, but that's what they say. Meanwhile, I have to be on the mainland for the weekend, so I guess I better leave tomorrow. That means taking in the porch furniture, closing storm doors,  tying down the barbie, moving boats ashore and generally trying to reduce the number of flying objects. Nothing I can do about the ocean coming into the front yard. Doubt the two housefuls of vacationers who are meant to arrive Friday will be able to.
Like most islanders, I'd really rather ride it out.  I remember choppering in to Cape Hattaras with a FEMA medical team in the wake of Hurricane Floyd. The good folk of Ocracoke had been partying since the storm started to veer towards them and were running out of alcohol. "If y'all wanted to save us," one guy told the docs, "you shoulda sent AA."


Kathleen said...

Weather channel says it has been downgraded to a category 3 which is still big. It's projected to hit the Outer Banks Friday. It should slow it down there and possibly end there. Let's hope it slows down and does hit any of the coast but NC will be first.

Kathleen said...

Correction. I hope it does NOT hit any of the coast.

Claudia said...

One set of tenants has decided to come before the storm; the other afterwards. One house battened; one to go.

Bo Reilly said...

Big Alcohol (CAT 3)

The Hawk
Comes and goes
The stalk
Always grows

Look toward the plain
When the coast finds her whip
From the amber grain
A comforting sip