double load

When a child is born, a mother's consciousness splits, and forever after a piece of her bifurcated mind will be with her child. Maybe this happens to fathers too—I can't speak to that. Now that my daughter has given birth I think she will understand why I sat in the parking lot of the hospital for six hours waiting for that event.


cba said...

Why, pray tell, were you in the parking lot?

No waiting room?

cba said...

O.K. you got me.

Is the dual washing machine motif symbolic of the mother-child forever tied symbiotically theory?

Or am I the only one in the dark?

Bo said...


deuces can be wild
in sport, an equal
it takes two
to make a sequel

neruda said...

you are never in the dark alone...dear cba...I will always be there with you...I am wondering doesn't the new mom have a washer and dryer?

cba said...

I think grandmother Claudia is buying Hannah these new units.

Why else would she take a picture of them and feature them in her blog?

Bet she's making lunch, too.

Sell my cars, indeed.

I'll have a pastrami on rye, hold the mustard.

And thank you, Neruda.

Dianne said...

I'm joining you girls in the dark...

let me know if you figure it out

Claudia said...

Guys, how can you be so literal minded? I like the picture. Dunno why--not the washboards. Maybe the colors. It's a laundromat in West Plains.
Double load speaks to what I was thinking about. The end. Not deep.