the traveling underpants II, part 1

I am so very confused. When last seen, the traveling underpants, the ones that originated in Alabama and traveled to several locales in the Northeast, were adorning a tiny equine in Missouri. At that point they vanished into the ether.
   I was then informed that I had left them in Alabama on my last visit there. This is untrue. I have never either brought men's u-trou to Alabama nor have I ever left any there. I do not travel with men's u-trou!
   Well, actually, that turns out to be a lie, because when I went to take my stuff out of Hannah's car when I arrived at my sister's house, I found a spurious plastic bag in the back of the car with the above pair of pale blue underwear.
   Note that these are not the same underwear as the other ones. Check out the past pix. In retracing my steps, I realized that my sister must have brought them back from Alabama and secreted them in Hannah's car the last time I visited her. My sister, I mean.
   The whole thing makes me very suspicious! I believe that my stepmother in Alabama is planting men's u-trou in her dryer and claiming they were left there by me which they were not! I cannot understand what her rationale might be for this stunt. Perhaps she bought a three-pak. We'll know when another pair "magically" appears in her wash after I've visited.
   I know this: If I want this pair to vanish, too, all I have to do is send them to Missouri.


cba said...

Definitely the Having Nothing Better to Do Dept.

I think you should make a bee-line to Walmart, buy a dozen pair of... what do they also call them.. Tidy Whiteys?? and send them to anyone who wants to get involved.

Why wait for one pair that isn't even The Pair?

Wicked Stepmother said...

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the simplest explanation is the best.

Claudia comes to visit. Claudia leaves. After each visit laundry is done and blue mens' underpants show up in the wash. NO blue underpants EVER show up except after a Claudia visit.

You connect the dots. Either the beer bottles come with blue underwear or Claudia somehow carries blue underwear with her unawares -- like bedbugs.

otra rubia said...

You sure you aren't packing? (And by packing, I mean "packing" -- avec scare quotes.)

Bo said...

the itinerant unmentionables
have gotten a lot of press
somewhat unconventional

Wearer Confess

Dianne said...

Anything that arrives here at the farm falls into the abyss.

Claudia said...

Except the calfies!