what is this mr. li?

Mr. Li was, of course, not invited to Happy American Eating Ceremony. But he made his presence felt by sending this item. NOT one I had ordered, by the way. For reasons that must be apparent, I assume that this is the beady-eyed cruet set so often referred to. Why this delusional merchant believes that I would be the least bit interested in this item—not, let me point out, a cruet set but something rather more obscure—is, like his written English, beyond my comprehension. I would like to be thankful, but I really cannot.
Otherwise, it was quite the thanxblogging, attended by Desperado, Dolores, La Otra Rubia and Angelina, among others.


Dolores said...

Yikes, now that is an intimidating group....look out brad

cba said...

Why are these ladies smiling, and standing there with their arms around each other? I thought Angelina and Dolores were fighting over the Goddess.
And I thought Angelina and Jennifer were fighting over Brad.

Perhaps more will be revealed.

paris hilton said...

I invited Nicole to attend this event, but she's too busy penning her next roman a clef..."The Truth About Sterling."

I can so relate. I mean, diamonds are nice and all, but silver is one of the highest forms of art.

Freind of Mr Li said...

C stop playing hard to get and meet Mr Li. He sends presents and cares for you deeply.