bathroom furniture

What looks like a bathroom but isn't? A bathroom with a toilet without the water hooked up. Hence the cushion. This is a ceramic armchair in a very small room with a sink.
However at the gala Last Supper of Summer last night (attended by the Architect and her daughter, Pomegranate and family and Mr. Piss-on-the-Ants himself but not by Bootsie, who was in bed feeling fluish) (during which we attempted to consume everything remaining in the refrigerator and freezer), BI Bro told me that I could buy a new, flexible connector which would forestall the leak. Guess I have until spring.


mr. li said...

Li is please to have been topic of talk at party! But Li is concerned for Bride.

Who is this Piss person? Please, Lady. Must keep polished repute! Is American mottoe: Women is judge by invitation list.

This Piss-person may raise wulverines and coffee-drink cats.
But perhaps is benign consumer, in need of miniature toilets for house decor? Please to advise.

Martha Stewert said...

Your water closet is a thing of wonder. Have you considered another commode for the living room? It had
an understated elegance in that room. Some plants and
bric a brac would truly make your commode a thing of envy among your peers.
It's a good thing.

neruda said...

looks good but the blue thing on the seat throws me off

cba said...

That's the idea. Before you get on it. With no way to flush it.

Maybe Claude should paint a skull and crossbones on it.

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