the self starter

The self starter bounds out of bed at 6:30 in the morning, stubs her little toe on the corner of the bed while running—running—downstairs to turn on the Vermont castings gas stove.
Then the self starter considers returning to bed until everything feels a little warmer. Too boring—things to do!
The big chore of the self starter's morning comes next: Making coffee. Then the self starter checks the news to make sure nothing else has blown up overnight, the weather to ascertain if it's cold on the Island (yes, but we knew that) the e-mail to see if the cub has issued a release indicating that she is alive (nope).
The self starter pushes the pile of bills and to-do notes aside. Maybe later.
The self starter has signally failed in the past week to force herself to finish the tiny bit of painting and trim that will complete the fall project of redoing the guest room. Or the tiny bit of urethaning and paneling required to reinstall the toilet that sits on the porch. Who knows what marginal excuses the self starter has come up with? The self starter is already thinking about the next project in the spring.
The self starter needs to complete one project before thinking about the next. The self starter needs to start self. Immediately.


Anonymous said...

Claudia circa 1985:

"Well, I woke up this morning
Spilled my coffee on the floor
Didn't even know it 'till I was halfway out the door"

Now you can simply sing:

"Well, I woke up this morning
Stubbed my small toe on the door
Didn't even know it "till I was sprawled out on the floor."

And change the infamous 1985 refrain from:

"Well' I reckon I'm retarded, but I guess that's how I am."


"Well, it's just me the great self-starter, on the Block this fine A.M."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of singing: Yesterday Claudia sang me this nice little song, it went sort of like, "You are everyone, and everyone is you." Now, I know that this is true in at least two ways. In an Ultimate Reality, we are all me. Or something like that. And in today's world, everyone simply wants to BE me.
But it occurred to me, I could be SO MANY PEOPLE and not even know it. So I decided to make a movie called "All About Meve". Get it? Like, was it Bette Davis that starred in that one about the woman with all those personalities? Or was that "Rachel, Rachel"?.
Well, like, whatever. All About Meve sounds hot.

Anonymous said...

Getting out of bed making coffee and turning on the heat are all self starting.
That was a lot! Instead of kicking yourself why don't you try mind over matter.
Where you visualize the toilet levitating and repaired and the paint brush moving and finishing the job for you. It is a form of self starting. Perhaps spring is better time for endings. In the meantime you can start new projects and not stress over finishing anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I need you to send some self-start this way. Can't even make my own coffee. Have to go to the local bodega where a young man I know as "Mo," looking all surly, but clearly a smart kid, hands me my brew and egg sandwich. I thinking of adopting him...

By the way Paris Hilton, there was this item in the NY Post yesterday:"Paris Hilton plaything Stavros Niarchos III is some kind of class act. After he fueld up at L.A.s Element club the other night, the Gree shipping heir and a posse of pals stopped at Burger King. 'Stavros offered a homeless man outside $100 to dump a soda on himself,' a source squealed to Us Weekly. The desperate bum took the payout "and everyone laughed," reports the source. This one's a keeper, Paris!"

Lovely. I just read a quote from a former groupie who hung out with the rich and famous and is doing a tell-all book. He said, "It's the "beautiful people" who do the ugliest things."

Anonymous said...

Like, ouch. I know. Stavros can be SUCH an asshole! But it was Remy Martin, not soda. We had a bottle in the glove compartment. And the poor man drank most of it, first.

PhilL said...

Paris. Remember. Infamous, not famous.

Wolfen said...

i am here i am here.. The cub is alive.

Tag, you're it. Meet you at the beach

Anonymous said...

Oooh. That's hot.

Anonymous said...

hate to stub the toe ouch really bad start to tricky day but keep it simple stupid(not personal) one thing at a time and you will have it all done in no time or does that mean in no time it will get done..like it will never get done?? ...no you must stay focused on coffee and caffeine will make decision for you