what's in the truck?

Yes, once again it's time for that popular feature (also a favorite on the site My Turn To Drive, see link)
I know my audience is waiting breathlessly for the answer to that question at the end of yet another island season. But as the truck isn't yet packed for the 12:30 boat tomorrow, I can tell you only this so far:
2 buckets of rocks
A more complete lading list will be available tomorrow. Place your bets on what will be on it NOW.


Claudia said...

I take that back. Now it's one bucket of rocks and lots of separate rocks all over the bed of the truck and an empty bucket.

Oceangurl said...

No toilets or blue chairs
will be in your truck.
Oh wait it was betting on what would be in your truck.
You will be in your truck
along with coffee and rocks.
Some power tools and beer.

otra rubia said...

A helpful carpenter named Dennis?

Jersey girl said...

I hope there's gasoline in your truck!

mr. li said...

Please not forget small toilet, beady-eyed cruet and fat tourist candles.

Please to forget this Dennis. Will be like Tony in West Side Store.

Perhaps young, and pretty man. But only Li can be like Edward Lewis for Miss Vivian in famous America romentic soap-thing "Pretty Lady."

In this, Lewis gives Miss Vivian credit card and all clerks in store kow-tow to she.
Same with Lady-Bride once is Mrs. Li. Clerks in "House of Li" will fean on her.

Have fine clothes, lose fear of shopping. Bride is bless, thanks to Li.

Brooklyn Guy said...

What da fuck is in da truck?

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