eloise and angel

What do you do with country mice in the city? Introduce them to elevators and flower sellers, take them to see the dinosaurs and feeding time at the zoo, raise their consciousness with culture at the Met and excess at FAO Schwartz, feed them with exotic ethnic foods and DVD movies, treat them to haircuts and candy. And do this all in 24 hours. It's exhausting just to watch.


mr. Li said...

So sorry to bring violence under picture of small innnocent American doll. But such is life in Chinatown.

I am think where meeting you, Fleece-man san.

Please to pick weapon type. Li is lack word skills of clever wolf-man. Prefer please Katana, sword of Li's great grandfather.

Li is please to offer rival for Bride's love Li's wakizashi. In so doing this, Li show respect for man ready to die in love.

This Li understand, as wild oats-sewing Goddess reduce mens to this madness.

Please to meet Li at Tasty Dumpling, 54 Mulberry Street, in fortnight.

neruda said...

i think you are right she does look like Eloise !! and what a wonderful trip to the city i wish i were there to enjoy it all but thanks for the pic