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The Architect e-mailed me the first sign.
Then I noticed that it had a website in faint letters on it. So I created the mission control sign.
I mean, you can make up anything, and some of the actual signs on the website are funnier than anything I could make up.
Unfortunately someone else discovered the CHURCH SIGN WEBSITE too.
Please feel free to suggest your own signs—and if you like, have them made into refrigerator magnets.
In other news, the urethane isn't dry so I can't try to put the toilet in yet.


mr. li said...

C: "Most asian women prefer white me, because they are not so mean to
also asian men have small thingy.

L: Please to clarify. Does this mean most asian womens prefer you? This
is what say. Can understand, lovely Bride-san. But Li will not be means. Is promise!

C:white MENS
oh pooh. white womens not so into asian mens which is why asian mens must buy
eastern european brides mucho dinero

L:Not fool Mr. Li, Lady-san. Pale white goddess is love by mens and womens
alike. But this is beauty of Lady Bride. Please to read Robert Graves book
of same title. That Li loves Goddess is American way.

Please to watch West Side Store at first chance. In this, this girl Maria is loved by older man owning large novelty shop. Also is love by young man Tony who only own conveinece store.
Is sad story, where Tony dies from drive-by shoot thing, and Maria marries older, more prosperous man.

Claudia said...

Who could possibly comment after this?
Only very brave mans. Or womans.

Exhomeless-Guy said...

You can make some funny signs on:


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