the family hams

Sara Dowling

Ben Dowling
My niece was auditioning for the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts this weekend, and she and my brother flew in from L.A. It went well. They asked her if she had an extra monologue and she did and she nailed it. And then on the way out, Sara informed her father that this was only the first audition, and that the second one is in London. At 6'4"  he doesn't find these long distance flights all that comfortable. However, he is used to them since his day job is playing keyboards with the Al McKay Allstars, an Earth Wind Fire funk group that mainly plays in Europe and Asia. And really, all for art, dudes.


Dianne said...

What a multi-talented family you have!

DaDa said...

Sara in that pose has remarkable resemblance to a younger Hannah.

CBA said...

In this photo she looks like a cross between Hannah and Jennifer.

Claudia said...

She's a lot taller!