pure as the driven

The remains of winter.
Not so fast! You think winter is over? Not quite. there's more snow in the forecast, and boy we sure could use it to cover up the old and the emergent trash piles.
And speaking of trash, here is a Smithsonian film about out own Aymar's project to make art out of the trash choking Lake Titicaca.
If you are looking for a project, perhaps you'd like to enter an essay contest about why you'd like to run an inn in Maine. The woman who had it won it years ago and is ready to pass it on. Entry fee is $125.
Some interesting photos from former People photo editor Joyce Seymore.
And in case you believe you are one in a million, you can check "how many of me" on this link. I found there were something like eight Claudia Dowlings in the U.S. Now, I do have several addresses, so some of them could be me. . .
And anyway, I know YOU are one in a million!


DaDa said...

I was in East Providence today where there is some much ice left that polar bears are migrating here.

Anonymous said...

I am one in fourteen.