spring snows

It must be Purim

It's snowing outside. And it is Purim. You can read about how Queen Esther saved the Jews in Iran (timing, Netanyahu?) here, but I am not clear about why people are costumed. The site does say, however, that Purim is in a winter/spring month. You're telling me: Yesterday 40 degrees; today a blizzard and planes sliding off runway.  And then there's my spring meal. OK, I know that this looks gross to y'all. But shad roe is as sure a harbinger of spring as Frank's jonquils.  The shad, a type of herring, run up the rivers like salmon to spawn. Typically, the shad bush is starting to bloom simultaneously in Block Island. Doubt that will happen this year, however. I like to saute shad roe and serve it up with new asparagus. It doesn't have much taste other than the zing of spring.
It must be spring.


DaDa said...

We're still in roast marrow bone and parsely season.

Claudia said...

Mmmm. Like that too!