our secret LIFE

So this Walter Mitty movie is based on the story of a picture researcher at LIFE, as the magazine publishes its last issue. The people on the last staff of LIFE have been invited to a screening. About 90 are showing up. It's a Christmas release, and you can watch the trailer here.


Me and My Olivetti said...

Equal Time

Well, if it’s all about pictures
Being seen, getting took,
‘gotta bust these strictures
with my last issue of Look

Plaine Correcting Unknown Subscriber said...

That would be LOOK

Class of '75 said...

L is for the way you looked to me
I for outsIzed--even a young boy could see
F with fair and flair, and NewYorkAlabama--all that long hair
E end, out of Vietnam--a life we owned after senior prom

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

well since you hate going to the movies I am sure that will NOT include you...or will it?