name that car!

Similar, @1960

Off the road 2013

Owner still road worthy November 3, 2013
The problem with the car was the mechanic, who kept on calling for bail money from jail. So first and last it took a helluva chunk of cold cash to keep the thing on the road. Now serving as a lawn ornament, the Car To Be Identified (center) retains its original charm, as do the Ray-Bans, still in use.


DaDa said...
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DaDa said...

Happy birthday!!

(deleted comment: " Oh please, that's not a car, that's a boat."

Plaine said...


I am the square bird
never to soar in heaven
word word word
blamed for deathing the ’57

driven to retire
I nest on the cheap
you don’t have to admire
but don’t call me a heap