let the good old times roll

Back in the day, when Linda and I started working together at LIFE, some quality time was spent in this very living room cutting lines of coke.
   Jeez, that was another life!
   We traveled to Uruguay to do a story about the fellows from Alive 25 years after their plane crashed in the Andes and they lived by eating their (dead) fellow passengers. LIFE sent two of us! Now, as I was saying to Dada the other day, magazines wouldn't send anyone out into the field. You'd just write the story off the interweb and maybe e mail a couple of questions. As it was I got to go to South America for a couple weeks and then write my favorite first sentence ever:
 "They ate them."
    Anyway, this comes up because a bunch of LIFEers are flying in for a screening/reunion tomorrow. Linda's here from California, and others are coming in from far flung places. Me, I just gotta take the No. 1 to TriBeCa.


Factory DeGreeter said...

Maybe you'll walk it
Or have the Olivetti
talk it

'tis a whole new line
in them streets

Less wrangle, more bangle
Though indiscreet still complete:

Canal Street

Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Mme Dowling: Ayant découvert ces faits potentiellement choquantes sur votre passé, je suis complelled de retirer mon offre de contribuer mon nom à votre blog.
Mon partenaire principal, Catticus Finch Esq., a exprimé la crainte que d'être la pratique journaliste que vous êtes, en combinaison avec vos bien connu tendances meurtrières, vous avez rejoint les surviviors en échantillonnage de leurs camarades décédés.
N'ai-je pas vous appeler "The Hannibal Lecter du règne animal" dans un procès précédent?

Encore une fois, la honte, Madame. J'espère que la prochaine Grande Cérémonie d'Alimentation Américain sera bien supervisé.

Nez Bite Kitty, Esq.

Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Et la translation:

Having discovered these potentially shocking facts about your past, I am complelled withdraw my offer to contribute my name to your blog.
My senior partner, Catticus Finch Esq., has expressed a concern that being the hands-on journalist you are, in combination with your well-known homicidal tendencies, you may have joined the survivors in sampling their fallen comrades.
Did I not refer to you as "The Hannibal Lecter of the animal kingdom" in a previous trial?

Again, for shame, Madame. I hope that the upcoming Great American Eating Ceremony will be well supervised!

Nose Bite Kitty, Esq.

D.R. said...

I remember that line! A courageous move on your part.

DaDa said...

Say hi to Ms G for me.

Anonymous said...

I'll see you there.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

you always get right to the point...what a woman...