hints of winter

photo by Douglas Gasner
On Block Island, there was a frosting of snow the other day, and here in New York we had a fleeting, sleeting flurry. Now, of course, we're headed back to the 60s. Go figure.
 And speaking of the sixties, I have some little stories about them days to be shared soon.
  Meanwhile, here's the roundup I usually do on Mondays.
  Last week's Boomer column ( a deplorable name) in the NYT featured old friend (and college boyfriend) Wesley Strick and his long-time bride. And there were a couple of the great maps 'n' stats things the Internet does so well going around. Dada sent in one about sandwiches. Someone else sent me a collection of numbers of things like world population and crime. Here's a new book with studies showing that being in and near water is good for you (we knew that). And a high school student's two minute history of the world. Enjoy!


Upon Passing Through said...

There's Something Happening Here ? . : ! ... ;

“Help, Lassie!”
Beatnik Riots
"Horseman, Pass By"
Pan Am
“Whut, we got here, is failure to communicate.”
Eve of Destruction
I’m OK You’re OK
Olivetti Valentine

Ivy said...

How did I miss that? I read the paper every day. Is that column in the PAPER paper?

Claudia said...

I'm not sure if it was in the print edition—I subscribe to the online, which does have more stuff.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I could have written BLUE MIND...this true for me absolutely...thanks!