here we go again

It seems like the season is just over, and it's time to begin all over again. Here is the letter I will send to previous tenants after Thanksgiving. If you see any gaps or errors or cuts (it is too long) or problems with tone, please let me know. Many of my returnees are people I have never met in person, but know only through email.
Honored Guests,
I don’t know what happened to Block Island, but it has become super popular. I had people asking me to reserve for the 2014 season back in the spring! I told them I needed to see which of my long-time guests wanted to return.
   Please let me know soonest your ideal and second choice weeks for next summer, and I will try to make it work for you, with people who have been coming the longest getting preference. And let me know which house, too, as some of you have been switching or taking both! Flexibility is appreciated. As of January 1, if I do not have secure reservations (ie, paid for) I will throw the remaining weeks open to new people.
    The prices next season, from Friday June 23 to Friday September 5, are $4900/week for Hannah’s and $4700/week for Claudia’s. There is also the $49 damage insurance charge. I thank those of you who reported damage to me this year: Insurance paid all claims. The good news is twice-weekly garbage pickup will be included next year.  
    Offseason prices are $1000 less. Linens will not be supplied even offseason in 2014, and I am not booking partial weeks, but Friday to Friday, as during season.
     Have a great holiday season and—as if you don’t have enough to do—let me know when you’d like to come next year. You are great guests or I wouldn’t be hoping you come back.


Tin Pan (S)alley said...

Edits from The Brill Building

We may not have to say good-bye, for the summer
I just need you to promise me this:
Send me all your c-notes, today, in a letter
And let me find my bliss

No I never will supply, sheets and blankets
And a breakup will cost you 49 bucks
So let’s just get this done before we banquet
And load them Benjamins in my truck...

...and load them Benjamins in my truck

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Plaine and D.R.'s cousin Sal of The Four Voices. They may have been the first group to record this gem.