sail away

Happy American Invasion Day!
   Today is also the day that the Americans depart the Isle of Misfits for America, not to return until next Memorial Day.
   The boat also took my sister and family and dog away, leaving me with a copper pan for the bottom of the new shower, and them with a touch of sun.
   It will also take CBA's brother away after his bachelor painting weekend. ("It's lonely," he confessed.)
   It will take away the wedding guests who attended the Block Island Unity Wedding of the Decade, when Old (Sprague) wed New (Leone) in an explosion of fireworks and festivities (I assume it was the later that awakened me with whoops and cheers at three ayem this morning). Exodus. Movement of the people.


JF Jude said...

miss is this

missed it
shoulda traveled slow
‘stayed on with the misfit
those in the know

neruda said...

nice postcards...which brother?copper shower...sounds very cool...

Anonymous said...

Did the BI police video tape this extraganza as they did the one 4 years ago? Other Mother.