Columbus sailed the ocean blue in _______
 That is the number of posts I have posted as of today since the year of our lord 2005. Almost never on a Sunday. More baby pix soon as the Happy Family gets out here. Promise.
   Today, two friends informed me that they are starting blogs.
   One David Cobb Craig does correspondence art (I still treasure a thank-you note he wrote me once. I felt like I should send a thank you for his thank you but then it would have gone on and on but come to think of it I could have framed them all and had a nice piece of art on the wall) and button art and scrapbook art and travel art. He would make you a memento if you collected the right stuff.
  The other, a scion of the ruling class fallen on hard times and now a first year theater student at the University of Minnesota, is writing about all that. I kind of think she is really a writer, though, so please welcome her to the art form of her choice at BornInATrunk@ThePrincessTheatre.
   And, yes, the ocean is real blue, but we're expecting a bit of a blow when the storm makes it up from New York City (where it has shut down the 72nd Street subway station) this afternoon. I will make soup (gasps of surprise here). The renters just pulled in, before the boat (likely) cancels afternoon ferries. The surfers are out in front of the house right now, keeping their heads above water, like all of us.
And remember, surf's always up at Claudia's Surf City. Since 2005


cba said...

Will that be an... errr.. lunch soup???

neruda said...

Claudia's Soup City...can't wait

David Cobb Craig said...

Thank you, my friend, for the plug.

I am so happy to have it and I thank you wholeheartedly.