cold case

Here's the problem: One power company (also one gas station, same owner as the power company, one transfer station for trash, same owner). Our power is the third most expensive in this great land of ours, after that of a little Texas town (for reasons I don't understand) and the island of Kauai (for reasons I do understand). And apparently the power produced yesterday (transformer problem?) wasn't the right kind to run the cold cases at the one grocery store on the island. It's a game of monopoly.


D.R. said...

...and who owns the spelling company?

cba said...

Oh, well.

Let them eat sheets. Hot from the dryer.

Island On Ch 617 said...

the electron bond
an oath in itself
ain't nuthin' beyond
warm beer on the shelf

neruda said...

whoa....you telling me there is a serious monopoly on the beautiful little island ?? goodness gratious I am surprised...looks like we better get them windmills up?or will they be owned by the same people? and what about the baby? did she manage without the power?