lightening the load

A new version of What's in the Truck.
Guess  how much it cost to take this truckload of craperoni to the dump?
Worth every penny.


JF Jude said...

Pickups on Parade 1x1

I had lots of pickups
my first, a Slant 6
dune to dirt without a hiccup
then some ‘Cuda blew a kiss

ran with some muscle
then came to my senses
gave up the hustle
‘trucked back ridin’ fences

Claudia said...

My first pickup was a 1956 Dodge flathead 6 (? memory fails).
It came to an ignominious end when I attempted to repair the gas tank and leaked gas all over the Vassar parking lot, resulting in a call to the campus fire department.

Rubber Duck said...

Past Romances

'72 Dodge Power Wagon W10
'65 Chevy C20
'71 302 Mustang--Qualifier: removed all seats except driver's to haul fire bottles and halligan bars for Central Florida Region SCCA
'83 Ford Ranger
'87 Ford F150
'90 GMC Sierra HD2500
'98 Dodge SS/T (won in single, late night, macho- challenge hand of poker)
'08 Nissan Fronter 4WD (SpeedBox)

Claudia said...

I still have my 1997 (?) F-150.
My last car.
I live in NYC.

neruda said...

gotta love that "craperoni"....or at least you did!...and my favorite pickup was the 42 Dodge with the faded painting of a horse's head on the door...Freindsville Pa days

Lacey Rawlins, SINY said...

The Dearth

horse heads on pickups
we suffer a dearth
the world in a stickup
by the digital earth

my old green Chevy
proud Palomino, both doors
time was aplenty
for the artist’s slow draw

I wudn’t no cowboy
but my heart was light
‘could feel hoofbeats around me
when I pulled up at the light

D.R. said...

I owned a little Toyota pick-up once; she was called "Whitey." Her previous owner was rather large so Whitey listed a bit port side. But she was loyal and I miss her.

Claudia said...

Nobody guessed how much.. .

JF Jude said...

Based on the NYMEX rate for craperoni @ $ 8.75 per hundredweight, the total dollar calculus = $14.67

DaDa said...


Claudia said...

40 pounds


otra rubia said...

The other question is: What did you bring back from the dump?

Claudia said...

OOps, had the pounds wrong. It was 200.
Also I brought back an old waring blender container and top—not the bottom—which I think will fit one of my old blenders. But it didn't weigh much, being plastic.