This is Camilla and her great grandmother Shirley, or, as she is now dubbed, Triple G, for Great Grandmother G____.  Camilla is getting bigger, and Shirley, 95, is getting smaller. I met Shirley when she was my age now, and I was Camilla's mother's age. So when Camilla is her mother's age now, I will be Shirley's age now. Scary. But that's life.


neruda said...

age is really strange...it is so hard to feel the changes but alas....they really happen...beginnings and endings and the in between...so hard to believe that we were younger and so hard to imagine being older...at least for me..I would like to be able to time travel at will.... baby definitely looks bigger...older yippie!

Dianne said...

I like this - really puts everything in perspective.

Phill said...

Exceptional picture. They both have the same expression on their face.