a little kewpie

Baby is a month old, and today we are all (except her) going to the clinic to get our flu shots so we don't transmit something she can't handle.
   Yes, I know what all you conspiracy theorists and health foodists believe. But I believe in evolution and scientific proofs and I did it for a trip to Russia with the Vice President of the United States, and I'll do it for baby doll.


Anonymous said...

Such a cool pix. She looks to be in earnest conversation with you. Did you learn anything from baby world? Other Mother.

otra rubia (con canas) said...

She looks so much like Chris. Pops is tops.

Is Hannah allowed to get a flu shot? Will the vaccine end up in Baby's lunch?

Anonymous said...

I think those eyes are Dowling for sure.

Phill said...

I thought vaccines caused Autjennymccarthyism?